Monday, November 1, 2010

Oneida makes dinner a little more exciting!

Okay okay..a little confession on my part. I was still using the plates that I purchased when I first moved out on my own…over 10 years ago! Yes…still using the flowery plates that are oh so girly, with mismatched glasses..what a mess!
Recently I contacted Oneida and they agreed to send me the beautiful Sunset Round Set! Oh man, I absolutely love this! They are beautiful…really absolutely beautiful, much more unisex, and very nice quality. They are very heavy, and chip resistant..not that I will be testing that one out. Each piece is glazed with a special technique that gives each piece the look of handmade pottery. I personally love the fact that even though these plates are gorgeous, they are microwave and dishwasher safe. So, not only are they lovely..they are also durable and usable!
The bowls in this set are just the perfect size..the perfect cereal bowl in my opinion. The large cups are excellent…though I am a little bummed that they do not fit under our small Keurig. The smaller plates are exceptionally large, and even work for a meal plate…especially for my little man. I especially love that the dinner plates are curved. If you happen to make a meal with a little broth to it, you do not have to worry about it pouring on the floor with these plates.

I cannot say enough about these plates. I have taken them out and shown them to every single person that walks through my door! Everyone loves them!

Purchase the Sunset Round set at Oneida, it is on sale right now. Also all orders over $99 received free shipping, and excellent way to start Christmas shopping!
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