Sunday, May 18, 2014

Things Have Changed, We Are Now Top Notch Material!

When I started The Nurse Mommy almost six years ago, I was the only one blogging.  In an effort to help the blog grow, I have added a few friends over the years. While some have come and gone the girls working on the blog with me now are amazing, and we make a great team. Over the past few years the blog has become bigger than I ever imagined, and that, with adding the team members meant that The Nurse Mommy is not a name that really expresses who we are as a whole. While a part of me is sad to see the name go, I know that it is time to move on to bigger things.

As always, we will still be doing child-friendly reviews but we also decided we would like to focus on items that are more appropriate for the entire family. We have reviewed just about everything from baby items, resort vacations, clothes, electronics and more. In addition to the reviews we have talked about complicated pregnancies, toxic drywall and even the really hard topic of opioid dependency.   Nothing is held back with us. With all of the changes we have taken lately, we decided it was time to rebrand The Nurse Mommy.  In doing so, we are not just giving our blog a new name, but also showing that we can and will talk about everything and anything that is family friendly and relevant to our readers.

Since we always take pride in our reviews and posts, we feel that the name Top Notch Material is a fitting name for the re-brand. While this keeps our former initials, it feels more appropriate for who we are now.
I have also decided that I need help in fulfilling all of the demands of such a great blog and have asked Katrina to be co-owner with me.  We work really well together, and feel that we have done a great job in keeping the content fresh, while offering great giveaways! Don’t worry, Jamie and Rebecca are still with us and they both have exciting reviews and giveaways coming up.

We want to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this journey. We hope that with the new name and new look of the blog that we will continue to grow. You, the readers, are who makes TNM successful!

Thank you,

Paige and TNM team 

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