Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stop Bedtime Battles with elo Storytime pillow! Win Yours!

"It all began at bedtime. A mother of two was tired of the bedtime battle. Her friend imagined a “magic pillow” that would stop storytime every time her daughter lifted her head off the pillow. 
One night, the mother tried this tactic while reading stories—and it worked! The excuses to get out of bed dissolved away, and her daughter stayed resting in bed. She even tried to pick up her stuffed animal with her feet so her story wouldn’t be interrupted! 
Thus began the elo pillow. Now that “magic pillow” is no longer just a dream product, but a tool to encourage restful bedtimes and decrease struggles. Enjoy!"
Bedtime. It is something that we parents both loathe and look forward to simultaneously!  Seriously, getting kids bathed, in their pajamas and asleep is something that can make you crazy....but when they are asleep.......sweet, sweet sleep.....then a moms work is done- or not! One could dream, right? 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 SwitchArt

I love art but one, it can be so expensive. It would be much cheaper if I could just paint my own but I’m not that talented AT ALL! So when contacted me asking if I would check out what is called SwtichArt, I was all over it. Then I had the big problem of what to choose.

Get ready for Christmas with Smithsonian Young Explorers from Silver Dolphin! Win Your Set of 4!

As you know, my oldest in dinosaur obsessed, but what you may not know is he was also obsessed with puzzles a few years ago. His interest has somewhat lessened in them this year, but he still loves working on them, especially if I help! Silver Dolphin book must be inside of his mind, because they created a product that combines his two loves: dinosaurs and puzzles and even throws a poster in for good measure! 

Smithsonian Young Explorers: Dinosaurs 

Get ready to go back in time with the Smithsonian—and experience life among the dinosaurs. Smithsonian Young Explorers: Dinosaurs provides the perfect introduction for kids 6 and up to the fascinating world of dinosaurs. The playful and informative fact book teaches kids how we learn about dinosaurs, how they are classified, and which dinosaurs ruled the land millions of years ago. Read about the mighty T. rex and the chicken-sized Compsognathus. Learn how scientists solved the mystery of the plates of the Stegosaurus. And find out which animals descended from dinosaurs surround us today.

Once young explorers have become paleontologists-in-training, they can continue their education by assembling the included dinosaur floor puzzle. The colorful puzzle and poster give kids extra opportunities to learn about the different dinosaurs and engage them in the sciences. And once kids are ready to go on the hunt for their own dinosaur bones, the book, puzzle, and map all tuck neatly into a snap-shut suitcase, ready to uncover the new greatest dinosaur that ever lived.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Boots No7 Men Hydrating Shave Kit

I know shopping for men can be hard sometimes. I try hard not to think, what do I want him to have, but think what will he want. Not easy with some men that’s for sure. When it comes to buying kits, I love them because they have everything in one box. Boots No7 Men recently asked me to take a look at their Hydrating Shave Kit. Of course I said yes. I’m always up for new men’s products.

Keep Your Family Germ Free this Holiday Season, Win a Bottle of Anolyte Cleaner from Nature Unleashed!

In our home we have pets, including birds who are sensitive to harsh chemicals, and we also have two children. We also lived in a home with toxic drywall for many years. After learning that we were exposed to so many potentially harmful chemicals in that home, we started to search for ways to decrease our exposure to other chemicals. When I heard of Nature Unleashed and their cleanser Anolyte C, I knew it was something I had to look into, and I am very happy I did. Nature Unleased agreed to send me a bottle of their Anolyte C Cleanser and 3 mixing bottles, a hand sanitizer and a first aid spray. 

About Anolyte C: 
Ships with 3 FREE Mixing Bottles, so you get four (4) 32oz bottles for the price of one (1), and place throughout your home, creating a safe and healthy environment for yourself and your loved ones!
Anolyte C™ is a safe alternative to the harmful chemicals on the market today!

  • A lower cost with value from four (4) 32oz bottles for the price of one
  • Cleanses with non-toxic chemicals
  • Safe for every day use, as often as desired
  • Removes mold stains
  • Deodorizes
  • No gloves or rinsing necessary

Uses:Home: kitchen, bathroom, nursery, laundry, office, basement, garage, etc.Travel: hotels, planes, cruise ships, hunting, fishing, etc.

This cleans so well! I am very happy with the results. I have been using it in mostly my bathroom and our kitchen. I love how well it cleans my ceramic top stove after use- much better than most big named commercial sprays. I also love that it cleans my dining room table without stripping the varnish like some sprays have done in the past. In the bathroom, I spray it in the toilet, and let it sit for a few minutes. When I go to scrub afterwards the toilets are very clean, with no iron residue left at all! It also works well for sinks and showers! 

Strider Bike Sport helps your kids learn balance

Fallon is in that age where she is really watching what her big sister is doing and wants to do it as well. It’s totally normal, but her big sister is 11 and Falln is only 2. One of the thing that she has been really focusing on is a bike. So I went out searching for something that would be perfect. I came across Strider and thought it would be perfect. I was so happy when they agreed to send me one to review.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

great hair and skincare products from Cheer Chics

My oldest daughter has inherited my love for skin care products, can’t say I blame her. We both love to try out new lines. Recently I was asked to try out some Cheer Chics products. I had never heard of them before, but after looking at them online, and even though she is not longer a cheerleader (you will understand later) I knew my daughter would love them.

3 great accessories for kids

I always love trying out new things, especially ones that make my life a little easier or the product is just plain cute