Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tommee Tippee and the #ParentOn Movement Say Carry On, Holding Your Head High Against Negativity!

Parenting is hard work and while there may be times that you are looking for someone to give you some advice on things you are clueless about, there is also a ton of unsolicited advice going around! There will come plenty of times when you are a mommy that you just have to let stuff go in one ear and out the other! I tell you, I have heard it all.....
I have been criticized for my child being in a stroller at two, been judged for our stance on circumcision, had someone say something about my children using sippy cups and pacifiers in public (also at two), and even for the decision to have a third child! Now I have heard it because we decided to pierce our daughters ears. Yes, there were times I had to say something to the people offering unsolicited snarky advice, but many times I just had to let it go in one ear and out the other! 

Teething Solutions: Tommee Tippee Transitioning Comfy Neck Bib

As you know, we are huge fans of Tommee Tippee. I am actually kind of sad that our last baby is now one year old, so a lot of our regular Tommee Tippee products wont be needed for much longer. One product we will continue to use for a while longer is bibs, and Tommee Tippee just came out with an awesome innovation with their bibs. The super comfortable Transitioning Comfy neck bib is amazing. Not only is it made with a super soft material, the neck has a special padding on it to make dribbles less, and prevents rashes and chafing that can happen with more traditional bibs.

Protect baby's tender skin with super-absorbent closer to nature comfy-neck bibs. Closer to nature comfy-neck bibs have a unique dribble catcher that absorbs moisture, helping prevent rashes on baby's sensitive skin. Our comfy-neck bibs are super-soft on tender young skin, yet work really hard to soak up dribbles and spills before they can cause a rash. Perfect for those first milk feeds, they're also ideal for the teething stage. Classically simple and will match all of baby's outfits.

World Osteoporosis Day

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hologic, Inc. 100% of the opinion is my own.

Have you ever had a bone scan? It sounds really complicated and somewhat scary, but I assure you it isn’t. I may only be 32 but I have had a handful of bone scans in my life. The reason for this… I have osteoarthritis, metabolic bone disease and osteoporosis runs in my family. I have to be checked often as a preventive and to see if there are any changes.  The 15-minute test will help predict your risk of breaking a bone.

Courtesy of Hologic, Inc.

20 Pixinote Giveaway

20 Pixinote Giveaway

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Green Toys: Safe, Fun and Durable!

While I am not the worlds most "crunchy mom" the toys that my kids play with are important to me! I love toys that use their imagination, and I love toys that I feel safe giving them! SO many toys today have harmful chemicals in them and they scare me. That is not the case at all with Green Toys. Reading up on this company made me really want to check them out! There toys are made from recycled milk jugs, and NO materials are shipped from overseas to make these toys. That is something that is extremely important to me. By not shipping things from overseas it saves on greenhouse gasses and reduces tons of energy used. All the toys that are offered at Green Toys have been tested by independent labs and have been found to contain no traceable amounts of Phthalates or BPA. They are also packaged very eco-friendly. The packing is ALL recyclable and contain no plastics that will just end up in a landfill. AND All the toys are made in the USA.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Send a card with Pixinote

I love sending pictures and cards to my friends and family, but let’s be honest I usually forget to print the photo out, buy a card and then of course go to the post office and mail it. I was recently told about Pixinote. They take that problem, combine the photo and card and even mail it for you.

Monday, October 17, 2016

$40 Target/Amazon or PayPal Giveaway

$40 Target/Amazon or PayPal Giveaway

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